Home and Heart

by Laochra

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    All music©Laochra.
    Stephen Roche : Vocals,Whistles,Piano, Song Composition.
    David Quinn : Guitars, Drum Programming.

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The first Laochra album. Download includes booklet with lyrics and other information.
All music©Laochra.


released March 31, 2017



all rights reserved


Laochra UK

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Track Name: My Homeland.
The wind calls from the east
And the trees speak in their mother tongue
My homeland, my place where my kin will rest
To be here is all I need

Echoes deep in the valleys
The wind like an arrow through the trees
I see my kin in the distance
My only strength the only memory

Serving under the High King
I protected the realm for many moons
By sword and by spear
The armour of the self
My son will follow this path
Till the end of his days

And what do the gods have in store
What legacy will be left?
My home, heart and kin
To play a part to a damned end

My love for my wife, my heart for my kin
My sword for my land, my spear for my king
And at the end of my life legacy and all
And the fires are burning still
In great halls celebreation is heard
Orghlaith where great kings fell
My homeland ancient and free

Years ago in these same hills
The gods did visit us, the three races of old
Deerfolk, Menfolk and Swanfolk
My father died in a great battle
On the strangest shore and most barren land
Wandering I found him
Bleeding up against a rock
I took his ancient spear
For victory
For memory

And without all what am I?
This land is my blood it flows like the rivers
Speak to me the pulse of the land
My homeland and my heart

My love for my wife, my heart for my kin
My sword for my land, my spear for my king
And at the end of my life legacy and all
When the trees speak in their mother tongue
When moon harks to an infinite glow
The lands of Orghlaith will know
My homeland ancient and free
Track Name: Tongues of Flame.
The village on fire
My homestead in ruins
Men rush forth fighting
Arrows block out the moon!

Crows sing of death
To all who listen!
Warriors died on their shields
Spears cast at the foe
Too late to react, too late to know
War drums sound across the land
Horns bellowing in bloodied hands

Blood and bone, spear and shield
Fires consuming my home
Screams of anguish from battle
Revenge for my fallen brothers
Fire and ash, smoke abd flame
My wife and kind taken away!
Flickering embers on the hillsides
The smouldering ruin

Bewildering fires still burn in the night
The battle is nearly won but many have died in the fight
Remembering the last words of my kin
Lost forever into the ether...
Lost, in tongues of flame!

When all the winds die in the breeze
The village, a flaming wreck
Many lost are now free
Still searching for my kin
Lost forever into the ether
Lost, in tongues of flame
Track Name: In council with King Olan.
I enter and see the most illustrious halls
Feast of kings await
Musicians are heard singing a song
To the pride of every woman and man

The kings sits in a throne borne from an oak
Whispers litter the hall
The men throw unknowing eyes as I approach
To ask for council with the king

King Olan, help me find my kin
A great dishonour has been done to me

Ah Faolan you have to ask me questions
About your missing kin

Look to the south of these lands
There is a place known among the olde ones
Known only to a few
There is a place through the white of Olcanath
You will find the answers you seek but you must be quick
To the high goddess Ulin
She will guide you

But take heed brave warrior for this will not be an easy task

It is a treacherous one at best...

As you leave from these hallowed halls
Remember, the three gifts must never meet
From the forge a hand of bronze
Where trees and hills everlast!

I hear a call familiar yet ancient
Eyes of the white stag himself
I leave the halls with you, my horse and weapons
Roaring into the ether

I see white fields, white trees, Olcanath
Track Name: The Loss of Brianna.
I leave the white fields and trees of Olcanath
To my horror in the distance I see
A woman tied to the rocks
I ride as fast as my horse will take me

What I did see would rend the heart of every man
My love dead strewn across the rocks
The waves cry in unison
A lament that only I can feel
The tears burn my face
Loss in every form
I fall to my knees

Tearing off the shackles, that had her across the rocks
My love died in my hands
I shatter the rocks with my sword
Lost to the madness, from your loss

I will revenge you Brianna
Till my last dying breath
I will not stop, I will not wait
I will kill those who you took your life!
Track Name: Home and Heart.
Down in the valleys, down among the rocks
Standing there with my warriors
For home and heart

We saw the enemy approach
White and shining like the blistering sun
The menacing King Dagnor
His damned army and him must fall

I call my brothers to war
To bring down the tyrant king
Our battle cries into the skies
Spear and shield clash and unite
Let our anger whip like the wind
And crush them under our might
Wave and wave after storm out and die!
To fight!!!

Faolan did cast his spear into the heavens
In the great maw of battle
My friends and kin die
We have fought and killed many
And onwards still we fight

In the cold dank earth
In the freezing winds
We run up the hills steadfast
And remain defiant
Till the last!

They face the tyrant king there
Among the hundreds of warriors
Clad in armour marble white and glimmering
Faolan flies forth and attacks him
A great battle ensues among the two
Bodies pile up and the mist of war rises
The spear screams in Faolan's hand
And pierces through the chest of the tyrant
The giant halls, the crash of his demise
Echoes through the vast lands
Track Name: The Deception of King Rythian.
Riding from the battle, wind in my face
Thunder crackling in the distance
Carrying the word of the High King's death

To his end, he lied a thousand times
For killing my family

His head placed on a stone
A flag for his treachery

And when the sun will shine on my lands
The light will be pure and true
When my kin return and live
Orghlaith will blossom proud and free
Track Name: The Battle at Lake Ulianith.
Rise my brothers
From the archaic depths
Our weapons will shine
Like the shimmering isles
Of the lands we once possessed
Now shining bright!

As the flames flicker
As the horns sound
Our deaths will sing a song
Sung on every tongue
As Dagnor dies on his throne
The revenge we sought
Is now won!

The battlefield strewn with warriors
A feast for the crows from the sky
Soulless and bleak
A silver horn beckons
My friends in the halls of their fathers

I will rise again, in that new world
With the strength of my gods and
The wild stag at my back!

From Orghlaith I leave
Leave this land behind
To find my kin there
And learn what life has in store...