Laochra - Fires On The Horizon

by Laochra

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    The first single from Laochra.
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released September 16, 2014

All music Stephen Roche 2014



all rights reserved


Laochra UK

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Track Name: Laochra - A Hand Outstretched To The Sea
War has passed
Memories anew
Waves crashing, Fires lit
Broken shields and barren hands
From the war we did escape

Horizons deep in the hills
Broken hands broken wills
A land on fire lost to the wind
Many lost and torn from life

I look across the ocean wide
to the eyes of my wife and kin
Friends i've lost, companions found
The war behind me left to the dead.

Spears and standards left in the field
Warriors dead, bodies strewn
My fathers hand cold and white
A empty throne, a stifling crown.
Track Name: Laochra - Fires On The Horizon
When the lands are withered
and the air is thick with death
A horn will sound for our victory
Till the end of our days

And when we are all gathered
a tune most sweet is heard
we saved our land from despair
so that its roots will grow.

When the victory fires burn brighter than the day
To leave this land and head home
to the isles of Ulin's bay.

And to all who fell in battle
Your death was not in vain
for your strength and your strife has aided our people
Paid with your pain

I take one last look to the horizion
and return to my home and lands
I will try to forget the horror of these years
till my final day of rest.