Ulin's Bane

by Laochra

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released June 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Laochra UK

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Track Name: Ulin's Bane.
The land fell and Ulin did die
her mortal soul was saved
three gifts borne to the land
that turned the night into day

Her eyes spread like fountains
Her hairstrands like trees
Ascending to Valin above

There she watched Faolan
His doomed family tree
Sent a spear down from above.
Valin above!

As the mountains shook
And the Oceans roared
The Gods took Ulin above
By the fire, by the sword
By the light of Olan
Valin above Valin below
Into the rivers and over the lands

When the heavens forged fire and ice
and when they did call to thee
there she died in the battle
and memory did fade

She had the gifts
of spear and of tongue
she became a god
throned in Valin
She wept for the land
Pouring out from
Valin high.

Valin high!
Track Name: Cast from the Forge a hand of Bronze.
Deep in the forge of Olin
The hand again recast
to move mountains and oceans
the power within..

Pass the hand...
By the flames of Valin.

In the dark forge of Olin
The cursed hand of bronze reborn
Malice and Pain unearthed
One of the tragedies of this age

When the hand is cast
The king will have a name
and those dreams of those towers
the Nightfall and trees everlast.
Track Name: When the waves of Orghlaith stood still.
Higher than the bonds of Kin
The waves of Orghlaith stood still
Ulin did reside above
The hand forged again

From the waves a chalice rose
covered in the roots of oak
the promise of a new age
Where blood and silver flowed as one..